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Members of the LGTBQ community are well represented in our online store.

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lgbtq sex toys
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Premiere Adult Sex Shop

Adult Entertainment and Sexual Pleasure is our Business

Our Goal is Adult Sexual Pleasure and Empowerment!

Secrets Love Boutique has one goal in mind, to bring as many adults as much sexual pleasure as possible in a safe and healthy way. We provide high-quality adult products, adult education, and adult information about sexual health, pleasure, and empowerment.

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Are you searching for “Adult Store Near Me”? Well, you’ve found us!

We are not your typical sex shop. We wanted to take the adult sex store out of the seedy back alley and make it a brightly lit and pleasurable experience that could appeal to everyone.

Discreet, Helpful, and Welcoming

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff welcomes our customers to our sex shop to discreetly discuss any sexual pleasure they are seeking through a large selection of sex toys, personal pleasure products, clothing, and other stimulating adult items.

Non-Judgmental, Friendly, Very Professional, and Well Educated…

Secrets Love Boutique in Sacramento is an adult store that delivers a safe space and welcoming environment where you can feel comfortable discussing your adult sexual needs or how to use the adult toys and personal adult products we carry – all without feeling embarrassed or shy about being in a sex shop.

We provide a nonjudgmental environment where customers can shop for sex toys, adult products, adult books, adult movies, and attend adult workshops.

We do not judge anyone’s sexual preferences or choices, as long as those preferences and activities are between consenting adults.

Secrets Love Boutique in Sacramento is an all-gender-friendly education-based retailer providing high-quality sex-positive sex toys and adult products and adult entertainment, that is nonjudgmental, accurate, and trusted sex information through our clean and comfortable store.

Everyone in the LGTBQ Community is Welcomed With Open Arms.
We Strive to be a Positive and SHAME FREE Environment.

Find Anything you need for Any of Your Fantasies in our Adult Store.

At Secrets Love Boutique in Sacramento, we pride ourselves on being your ultimate one-stop-adult store for everything revolving around sex toys and adult products, and sexual pleasure.

Adult Entertainment is our game – whatever tickles your fancy, we want to satisfy your itch.

High-Quality Adult Products

You’ll never get the hard sell at Secrets Love Boutique in Sacramento.
We only want to listen to your desires and point you in the right direction in our sex shop. From there, the choice is yours. We are confident you’ll be happy and excited about anything that you choose.

Education and Knowledge

Secrets Love Boutique takes education very seriously. Knowledgeable staff provides quality customer service and accurate information around adult entertainment. Sexual education is essential to our mission as an adult store – we strive to be the best possible resource for customers and we constantly strive to better understand sexual variation and to advance our own knowledge of sexual pleasure and desire.

Our staff understand and can educate our customers about the finer details of our sex toys and adult products as well as useful how-to tips and techniques on increasing sexual pleasure. All staff members are initially required to take an extensive training program. This training is supplemented by ongoing continuing education.

Our Vision

Our goal is to help customers discover new ways to experience sexual pleasure, adult toys, health, and well-being. Diversity is a component of a healing experience, and each person’s sexuality will change over a lifespan. This will come in all forms of consensual sexual expression of desire, and fantasy.

Sexy & Sassy Lingerie for ALL SIZES! Up to 4XL

All our lingerie offerings and products have been designed by professionals with many years of experience in the fashion and lingerie industry. Our merchandise is attractive, trendy, sexy and classy, comfortable, and of course widely appealing. Secrets are constantly adding new, creative, and exciting lingerie lines that we source from a wide variety of suppliers.

Secrets Love Boutique has been offering ladies intimate apparel and lingerie for more than 15 years now. In this period of time, we have expanded our product lines in order to fit the increasing market’s demand and will continue to do so for years to come. We constantly order new original lingerie designs with a huge selection of unique fabrics and assorted colors. It is one of our top priorities to constantly supply our customers with original and quality lingerie products.

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6026 San Juan Ave, Suite A&B
Citrus Heights, CA 95610
(916) 332-5809

Our Hours

Monday to Thursday 11:00am – 9:00pm
Friday and Saturday 11:00am – 10:00pm
Closed Sundays
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Visit or Contact Us

6026 San Juan Ave, Suite A&B
Citrus Heights, CA 95610
(916) 332-5809

Our Hours

Monday to Thursday 11:00am – 9:00pm
Friday and Saturday 11:00am – 10:00pm
Closed Sundays
Online 24/7

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